Grading System                                                                      

        Letter           %                %               Quality Points

            A            90%           100%                  4.00

            B            80%             89%                  3.00

            C            70%             79%                  2.00

            D            60%             69%                  1.00

            F            59%          or below                    0

Final grades for each course are based upon three components of equal weight.

Final Exam
Course Thesis

Degree Credits

A course grade of sixty-nine (69) or above is required to qualify toward a degree. A sixty-nine (69) or below will not qualify toward a degree unless the class is retaken successfully.

Termination Policy

Immanuel Temple School of The Bible reserves the right to immediately suspend or terminate a degree candidate from a program for falsification of records or work submitted for assessment.

Academic Credit Policy

In keeping with American University practices, Immanuel Temple School of The Bible will issue a formal transcript when the candidate has:

Successfully completed all Degree program requirements.

Meet all financial responsibilities owed to Immanuel Temple School of The Bible.
A candidate must carry an average of sixty-nine (69) or above for each course, to receive credit for that course unless the course is retaken successfully.

This transcript will show exactly how the degree was earned.

Grading System

Credits Earned