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Dr. Barbara Wright is the Founder of Immanuel Temple School of The Bible. She spent her life teaching and preaching God’s word. She dedicated herself to making sure another soul came to the kingdom and one more preacher was prepared to preach the gospel.

"Study to show thyself approved" is just the beginning here. You will truly come to realize the "why's" behind God's movements on this earth and in our hearts once you sit under the leadership here (Sunday services included). You almost never know when a lecture/discussion will reveal itself as an encounter with "He who opens the locked doors" in your life. Inbox me for details or to just have a chat."

Dewayne E. DeCuire, Jr.

In the United States, unlike other countries, there is no single nationwide procedure for licensing or accrediting.  Each of the fifty (50) states sets its own policy for the licensing of institutions and awarding degrees.  Immanuel Temple School of The Bible is a degree-granting institution, established as a non-profit corporation in the State of Texas.

Accreditation is a voluntary, non-governmental process.  There are many accrediting agencies in the United States, many of them recognized by the U.S. Department of Education or by the Independent Council on Post-Secondary Accreditation.

Immanuel Temple School of The Bible is fully accredited by the Accrediting Commission International, Inc. as a Comprehensive Member.  A.C.I. is a nontraditional accrediting commission with Universities, Colleges and Schools throughout the United States and several foreign countries.  A.C.I. is the largest non-governmental accrediting institution in the United States.  For information regarding Immanuel Temple School of The Bible's standing, please contact A.C.I. at:

Telephone:  501-882-3361
Web site:  www.accreditnow.com

"I am currently enrolled at Immanuel Temple School of the Bible, entering my 3rd year. The teachers are skilled and anointed. The curriculum is excellent. The teaching is balanced. The atmosphere is one of faith and love. I am so glad to be here!"

Derrick Hicks

Immanuel Temples School of The Bible's Founder

Dr. Barbara Wright

Founder of Immanuel Temple School of the Bible 

"Spirit filled School with great instructors, that convey Gods word in an intelligent and skilled way. Have thoroughly enjoyed my time and looking forward to this coming year.."

Rodrick Reeves